Our Coaches

Our Gym’s team

At Long Beach Power Co we are growing as you, our athletes, do. In other words, our coaches are seasoning alongside you, while you go through the training. Regardless of how many years of experience a coach might have, there’s always a room for growth. Namely, helping each specific new athlete to reach his or her top performance adds some “bonus points” to a coaches own skill set.

Our coaches and athletes are people who take both Powerlifting and the Olympic Weightlifting seriously. We want you to make tangible progress in the GYM! We always push everyone, including our own coaches to max out their knowledge, skills and strength.

We achieve that by constantly upgrading our criteria of physical assessment, program design, and nutrition.  We see Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting as an evolving journey of the body and mind! In our view, Weightlifting helps to connect mind, body, and spirit.

This fitness journey leads to the discovery of purpose in life, of a better way of life…

Mikey Cole

Powerlifting Coach

Mikey is an accomplished powerlifter and coach: having trained in powerlifting for the past six years, Mikey has coached powerlifts for the past four years, with private clients ranging from casual workout buffs to Top-5 ranked globally powerlifters. Most recently, Mikey has worked with Team Freel during the past two years, helping that squad to achieve a number of podium spots and records at various powerlifting meets. Mikey has a 601 raw back squat, a 363 raw bench and a 617 raw deadlift. When suited up with multi-ply lifting gear, those numbers shoot up to 804, 529 and 661, respectively!

Landon Praire

Olympic Weightlifting Coach

I began olympic weightlifting in my youth under some world class coaches to include Mike Burgener.  After highschool, I joined the United States Marine Corps and began also training in CrossFit.  Over the past 16 years I have had the pleasure of training and training with some of the top competitors in the US and the World.  My philosophy on training is that we are all students and we can all learn from one another.  Even as your coach I am constantly learning how to best train YOU so that you can achieve all of the goals that you have set forth for yourself.  What is training if it isn’t fun, join me TODAY!